Our story from the beginning…

Our journey began a couple of years ago when the transport charity, Sustrans, brought together a range of organisations with an interest in transport and access to talk about ways we can push forward a sustainable and inclusive transport agenda.

After a few meetings, we decided we needed to bring our ideas together on paper so that we would have a clear understanding of the change we want to see.  At the end of last year, representatives from a number of organisations took part in a workshop to develop the key aims for the Transform Cymru coalition.  This was a creative way to brainstorm collectively and develop our ideas for the future of transport in Wales.

We dream of a Wales where people can access jobs and services easily through an integrated transport network.  We believe that there needs to be a reliable, efficient, affordable network of transport that connects people and places.  And we are passionate about working hard and working in partnership to make this happen.

This session was an opportunity to pool all of our ideas and desires for an improved transport network to develop a number of key priorities that we could work with authorities to deliver.  Colleagues taking part were from a range of organisations either working within transport or representing passenger groups. 

We agreed that overall, we would like to see:

  • A transport network that works for all people
  • Fewer single occupancy car journeys
  • Safe and attractive streets and communities

We then identified some key themes which were:

  • Sustainable
  • Safe & secure
  • Affordable
  • Accessible & inclusive
  • People focused
Transform Cymru planning workshop, October 2019

Against each of these areas, we shared the specific ‘asks’ such as clean air zones, shared transport options (such as car clubs or bike schemes), better planning and community engagement.  Our next step was to use this knowledge to develop a charter but the COVID19 lockdown has created a very different transport environment so we have adapted our approach to reflect this.

Our vision document ‘A vision for sustainable transport post-lockdown’ sets out 7 steps and calls on the Welsh Government, Transport for Wales and Local Authorities to work with us to deliver a better transport network for Wales.

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