Transform Cymru Statement on the Welsh Government’s Draft Transport Strategy

Today, the Welsh Government launched their draft transport strategy for consultation.

Llwybr Newydd (A New Path), sets out an ambitious vision for an accessible and sustainable transport system that serves the people of Wales.

The strategy recognises that nearly a quarter of the population in Wales are without a car and that our transport system need to deliver for everyone and reduce exclusion created by a lack of access to transport.

In a speech launching the strategy in the Senedd, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, Lee Waters, said:

“Over the last 50 years, we have created a transport system that has prioritised car use.  This has allowed individual freedoms and flexibility that we all value but it has also locked in deep inequalities and environmental harms”. 

In response to the challenges faced today, the draft strategy prioritises active travel and public transport over cars and road building.

Christine Boston, Chair of Transform Cymru said:

“As a coalition, we have called for a transport strategy that delivers sustainable and inclusive transport for the people of Wales.

After many discussions with Welsh Government about this strategy during the development stage, we are pleased to see that Llwybr Newydd places people and communities at its heart, recognising the importance of transport for social and environmental justice.

We commend the Welsh Government for an ambitious strategy that will deliver a green and just Wales if implemented properly.  The challenge now will be ensuring the aspiration is delivered and we look forward to working with all partners to finalise this strategy and develop the transport network that the people of Wales deserve.”

To read the strategy in full, visit:

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